In a suffering country, at a point of time in the future, people sunk in apathy and illusions, through encounters and wild conflicts, awake and demand a different life.

Making the film

Katzourakis has drawn almost all the scenes of the film and has created a singular colored Storyboard, which stands as a complete work of art on its own and at the same time inspires the creative dialogue between the collaborators of USSAK.

The script

Kyriakos Katzourakis and Katia Gerou began writing the script of the film USSAK four years ago. It is the fourth film they have co-operated on. The first draft was written amidst the turmoil and general depression of the country, as a result of the monstrous increase in unemployment and poverty.

In a suffering country, at a point of time in the future, people sunk in apathy and illusions, through encounters and wild conflicts, awake and demand a different life

After a leap in time of about 30 years in the future, the film projects fears and hopes of disparate people: a roving ex-performer woman, an enigmatic little girl, an ex-drag showman, a politically conscious dropout, representatives of an intangible dark power, a group of farmers and various other people. Their routes intersect and their lives change.

The questions raised in the film are demanding: can the tough masks of the characters - a result of the harsh reality - crack? can anyone living in such extreme conditions claim a full, good life instead of fighting only for survival? Is this utopia afterall? what is utopia? In this last question the film gives an answer. At the end of the narration the following is uttered: "Dude, a utopian isn't but an absolute materialist". .

"The script, during these four years of our working on it, began turning from fiction into a sort of documentary. Imaginary situations in the script started taking place in real life. So, we felt that it was urgent to make the film as soon as possible, as best as we could "

USSAK - Cast

  • TSIHLAS - Thanos Alexiou
  • JOANA - Κάτια Γέρου
  • MARIA - Nelli Theophilopoulou
  • DAFTIS - Kamillo Bentankour
  • FREDY - Nikos Nikas
  • PANOS - Dimitris Polytimos
  • SOKRATIS - Dimitris Poulikakos
  • MARTHA - Theodora Tzimou
  • ZAFOS - Yannis Tsortekis
  • ADRIAN - Adrian Frieling
  • DANY - Tasos Kontaratos
  • BOY - Stavros Markoulakis
  • FIRST REPORTER - Thanasis Papageorgiou
  • SECOND REPORTER - Rigas Axelos
  • THIRD REPORTER - Iagos Andreadis
  • JENNY - Jenny Skarlatou
  • MYA - Kalliopi Takaki
  • CLERK - Efthimios Hristou
  • TRANSLATOR - Daphne Zahariadou
  • MAN DRESSED IN BLACK - Konstantinos Bazas
  • YOUNG MAN - Spyros Mastoras
  • CRETAN - Yiannis Savouidakis
  • The fine group of amateur actors from Kalamata

USSAK - Crew

  • Production - Giannis Sotiropoulos
  • Production assistant - Hara Vlahou
  • Screenplay - Katia Gerou, Kyriakos Katzourakis
  • Director- Kyriakos Katzourakis
  • Assistant director - Dimitris Zachos
  • Second assistant director - Stevi Panagiotaki
  • Script - Katerina Xyni
  • Production director - Giorgos Zervas
  • Production assistant director - Vagelis Fakisnos
  • Production assistant - Argyris Stergiopoulos
  • director of photography - Giannis Fotou
  • First assistant camera - Nikos Karanikolas
  • Second assistant camera - Manolis Perrikos
  • Electician - Giannis Maragkoudakis
  • Electician - Stathis Tsiapas
  • Art director- Nikos Politis
  • Art assistant director - Maria Eva Mavridou
  • Grip - Aleksandros Dimitriou
  • Costume designer - Katerina Papageorgiou/li>
  • Makeup / hair - Aleksandra Mita
  • Sound - Dimitris Kanellopoulos
  • Boom Operator - Nikos Exarhos

We have been rehearsing with the actors and actresses for a year, and began the difficult scouting in Athens and Messinia as well as studying and going deeper into what relates the film to reality.

The realization of the film, clearly, relies on the generosity, selflessness and availability of all participants, as well as the support of friends who offer their presence, their car, their house, their advice, their valuable time. Without them the realization of the film would "literally" be a sci - fi story!

"Today - 15 years after our first film The Way to the West, whose subject was emigrants and refugees - with USSAK we talk about our own reality as if we were refugees to our own country".

Our goal

The film is being funded by the Greek Film Center, private individuals and other organizations. However we need to raise €80.000 euro in order to achieve its technical and artistic implementation.

How you can help

Our goal is to raise €80.000 EUR. You can donate any amount you wish. Whatever the amount, your help will be greatly appreciated! With your support we can make this happen.

At present, donations can only be deposited to our personal bank account:

Our gift to you

Please drop us an email so that we can aknowldege your contribution.

  • If you decide to contribute to our film's fundraising campaign, we will consider you a co-producer and feature - with your permission - your name in the film titles.
  • The signed screen print (100x55cm) titled "USSAK" will be given to all that donate.

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